A total of 17 liver transplante were made from March 2014 in the liver transplante center.

Surgery Research Centre of the St. Mary Clinical Hospital was born in 2009 following a young and ambitious' team effort to set up amultidisciplinary center where difficult health problems involving multidisciplinary cooperation between different branches of surgerycould be addressed.

This center is a natural result of the development of new surgical specialties alongside general surgery, each of which contributesubstantially to raising the level of difficulty and techniques of surgery performed in the center.

Specialties developed until now in St. Mary's Surgery Research Centre are :


After considerable material efforts, in 2009-2010 we managed the establishment of the only center for LIVER SURGERY outside Fundeni Institute.

This type of surgery, complex, difficult, requiring special training and material resources, rarely and sporadically addressedin general surgery clinics, represent a step forward, difficult in the current context of health in Romania, but the more necessary in the conditions dramatic increase in the number of patients diagnosed with neoplastic disease in general and those with liver metastasisin particular.

OROMAXILOFACIAL SURGERY treats a very diverse pathology in many cases requiring collaboration with other medicalspecialties.

Thus, the association with medical specialties like PLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE MICROSURGERY, ORTHOPEDICS, general surgery, ENT, dermatology, oncology, allow cooperative procedures performed in our hospital, with remarkable results for cure and functional recovery of patients with serious diseases.

Our research centre collaborates with clinics abroad (Israel, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, South Africa) as well as other clinics in the country, a fact that has enabled country premiere surgical interventions to be performed in our center.